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Winners of the YouTube Recital!

Friday, April 7, 2023 by Kara Myers | recitals

Hi %FirstName%,

Thanks to everyone for submitting your videos, watching the recital, and voting! I'm excited to announce the winners of our five categories:

Best Performance Etiquette: Jesse Wilson, "Jesse's Minuet"
Runner-up: Taylan Renny

Most Polished Performance: Taylan Renny, "Begrudging Admiration"
Runner-up: Charles MacLean

Favourite Beginner Piece: Hannah Wilson, "Kitties Chasing Tails"
Runner-up: Robbin Bjorgum

Most Classical: Isabella Carbert, "Minuet in D Minor"
Runner-up: Charles MacLean

Most Creative (tied): Robbin Bjorgum, "Robbin's Song"; Charlie Boland, "Spidey Noir"; Katalina Leasak, "Tarantella"; and Taylan Renny, "Begrudging Admiration"

Have a great long weekend everyone!


Watch the YouTube Recital!

Sunday, April 2, 2023 by Kara Myers | Recitals

Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone who submitted their videos!

Click here to watch the full recital, then, if you’re a student, head over here to vote for your favourites!

You have until next Friday to watch and vote. The winners will receive $10 Bachs and be featured on the blog!

Happy watching!