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Winners of the YouTube Recital!

Friday, April 7, 2023 by Kara Myers | recitals

Hi %FirstName%,

Thanks to everyone for submitting your videos, watching the recital, and voting! I'm excited to announce the winners of our five categories:

Best Performance Etiquette: Jesse Wilson, "Jesse's Minuet"
Runner-up: Taylan Renny

Most Polished Performance: Taylan Renny, "Begrudging Admiration"
Runner-up: Charles MacLean

Favourite Beginner Piece: Hannah Wilson, "Kitties Chasing Tails"
Runner-up: Robbin Bjorgum

Most Classical: Isabella Carbert, "Minuet in D Minor"
Runner-up: Charles MacLean

Most Creative (tied): Robbin Bjorgum, "Robbin's Song"; Charlie Boland, "Spidey Noir"; Katalina Leasak, "Tarantella"; and Taylan Renny, "Begrudging Admiration"

Have a great long weekend everyone!


Watch the YouTube Recital!

Sunday, April 2, 2023 by Kara Myers | Recitals

Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone who submitted their videos!

Click here to watch the full recital, then, if you’re a student, head over here to vote for your favourites!

You have until next Friday to watch and vote. The winners will receive $10 Bachs and be featured on the blog!

Happy watching!


Congratulations to Aria, Winner of the Morning Practice Challenge!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 by Kara Myers | challenges

Thanks to everyone who participated and sent in their sheets for the Morning Practice Challenge! A big congratulations to Aria Sherbo, who won by a landslide with 254 minutes!!

Here's the list of runners-up along with their morning* practice totals:

Jacob Pfeil, 165 minutes

Audrey Boland, 160 minutes

Katalina Leasak, 152 minutes

Arya Boland, 145 minutes

Jesse Wilson, 132 minutes

Robbin Bjorgum, 125 minutes

Evan Wilson, 92 minutes

Charles Boland, 89 minutes

Hannah Wilson, 82 minutes

Shiloh Colmenares-Mickler, 51 minutes

Danae Carlson, 30 minutes

*Some students submitted practice times in the afternoon. These were not included in their morning minute counts. However, these minutes still earned them their usual Bach Bucks for practicing as well as were credited toward other challenges such as the Mozart Challenge or the 100 Days of Practice Challenge.

All runners-up with at least 20 minutes each day for 5 days received $10 Bach Bucks at their last lesson. As our winner, Aria received an additional $10 Bach Bucks!

Great job, everyone!