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Congrats to Katalina!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 by Kara Myers | Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

What a beautiful September we've been having! With all the craziness in the world right now, I am so thankful for brilliant yellow leaves and luminous red sunsets. 

We're into our third week of the Quest of Bach Challenge! So far students have learned (or are learning) a piece of their choice by Bach and listened to Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. This week: figuring out a song by ear that starts with a weak beat, a favorite compositional device of Bach's. Stay tuned for more updates!

Congrats Katalina, winner of the Summer Practice Challenge two years in a row! 

On a separate note (ha), another student surprised me a couple weeks ago with an incredible creation he had worked on over the summer:

It's a miniature grand piano, made out of metal! The detailing of the strings and keys is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing, Charlie!

Coming up soon at FortePiano Studio: our annual piano parent workshop! More details to come next week. 😊