Due to the covid-19 pandemic FortePiano Studio has gone online! We're using a mix of FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom, and YouTube to conduct lessons. It's taken a bit more creativity in terms of incorporating our usual mix of off-the-bench activities and games, but thanks to our amazing students and families it's been a great success! I have a tripod for my iPad which allows me to record video from all different angles, so students can follow along just like they were in person. Although learning remotely can be a challenge, students are honing skills specific to this new format, including note taking, locating pages and measure numbers in their music books, finding hand positions independently, and critical listening.

Music is never more important than in times like these. Online piano lessons have provided a sense of routine and continuity to students whose lives have otherwise been turned upside down. Making music during this period of self-isolation offers students the opportunity for self-expression, stress relief, intellectual stimulation, socially distanced interactions, and goal-setting.

In-person lessons will resume on August 31, 2020, at our new location in Turner Valley so long as the schools are reopened. However, online lessons will remain an option, both for new and current students! Please inquire below for more information on online lessons!